#3 – noise

2013 – #3 Noise
p.a., subwoofers, laptops, digital sound: synthesised noise, pop tunes, text

– Tura Totally Huge New Music Festival / International Computer Music Conference – Club Huge 15/08/2013

A performance that questions what the inherent properties of a noise performance are from the viewpoint of both a performer and audience member. The duo sits deadpan across from each other controlling laptops. Brutal, full-bandwidth noise sounds emanate from the sound system, interjected with text that questions the placement of noise music within today’s sonic environment.

– – –

Why are you here?
What are you hearing?
How does it make you feel?
Does this noise demand your attention?
Does it jar you from the one dimensionality of life?
Does it serve some critical function?
Is it an attempt at disruption?
What does it represent?
Does this continuing noise compound your sense of uncertainty?
Does it represent freedom and difference?
Does this noise disrupt your cognitive habits by first disrupting your auditory ones? Does it puncture your aural relationship with the world? Does it cause you to hear all things as abstractions? Does it shake your sense of order?
Does this noise surprise you? Or is it predictable and safe?
Is it really aesthetically radical?
Does it really have any power to critique?
Does it really offer some kind of resistance? To what?
To music, to order, to capitalism?
Is it really socially and politically progressive?
Does it really obliterate meaning and identity through its violent materiality and formlessness?
Is it merely an illusion of freedom and difference?
Has noise become culturally legitimate? Something to be studied, analysed and commodified?
Are we just fetishising art? Ascribing to it a power that it does not have, reading into it a politics that no longer exist?