#4 – lecture performance

laptops, p.a., microphone, pop tunes, books (The Uses of Disorder, The Culture of the New Capitalism, In the Blink of an Ear: Towards a Non-Cochlear Sonic Arts, Noise, Noise/Music, Post-Dramatic Theatre, The Emancipated Spectator, Comments on the Society of the Spectacle, Art and Revolution, The Society of the Spectacle, The Politics of Aesthetics, Noise and Capitalism)

– the NOW now Festival of Arts @ The Red Rattler, Sydney, January 2014

An attempt to escape commodification of sound performance, a response to ideas presented in Mattin’s article ‘Improvisation and Communisation’ published in the NOW now festival zine 2014. This work responds to questions raised in the performance work and writing of Mattin and others regarding the relationship between experimental sound, improvisation and noise music on the one hand and political agency, resistance and capitalism on the other. Seeking to explore these sonic practices in social and political terms rather than musical ones, the work juxtaposes a non-performance with the spectacle of noise music.