Andrew Brooks (b. 1985) Sydney, Australia
Kynan Tan (b.1988) Perth, Australia

Tè is the interdisciplinary art duo of Kynan Tan and Andrew Brooks. Collaboratively they create works in the format of performances, installations, kinetic sculptures, recordings, writings and thought experiments, each using sound as a departure point. These works question the ephemerality and physicality of sound, listening experience, improvisation, and audience/performer relationship.

Tè have performed in Japan, Australia and Germany and completed a Quickfire Residency with Performance Space at Carriageworks in September 2013, and exhibitions at First Draft Gallery (Sydney) and Sydney Non-Objective Gallery. Tè released their record Circuitous on hellosQuare Recordings in mid-2013. The group has also collaborated with artists such as Philip Zoubek, Kouhei Harada, James Rushford, Finn Ryan and Joe Talia.


Selected Performances
2015 New Zealand Tour – Dunedin Art Gallery; Audio Foundation, Auckland; Pyramid Club, Wellington
2014 NOW now Festival of Arts, Sydney, Australia
2013 TURA Totally Huge New Music Festival, Perth, Australia
2013 International Computer Music Conference, Perth, Australia
2013 Australia Tour, Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne
2013 Japan Tour, Osaka, Kyoto, Tokyo
2012 Australia Tour, Brisbane, Sydney, Wollongong, Canberra, Melbourne

2014 First Draft Gallery, Sydney, Australia
2014 NOW now Festival of Arts Group Show, Sydney, Australia

2014 Das Super Paper, ‘Notes on Translation’
2014 Un Magazine, ‘Philosophical Investigations’

Selected Residencies
2013 Performance Space Quickfire Residency, Carriageworks, Sydney, Australia
2013 Centre for Interdisciplinary Arts, self-initiated residency, Perth, Australia

Artist Talks and Workshops
2013 Guest Lecture at Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts, Perth, Australia

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Selected Works


Sculptures: 4 (2014) – speaker cones, amplifiers, LED lights, sine tones, audio playback device
Sculptures: 3 (2014) – speaker cones, amplifiers, LED lights, sine tones, audio playback device
Sculptures: 2 (2013) – discman, speaker cone, amplifier, CD
Sculptures: 1 (2013) – speaker cones, amplifiers, LED lights, microphones, PA, computer

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Performance Works

#1 (2013) – p.a., subwoofers, laptops, saxophone, speakers, water
#2 Negative Space (2013) – p.a., subwoofers, laptops, digital sound: sine tones, white noise, pop tunes, clicks
#3 Noise (2013) – p.a., subwoofers, laptops, digital sound: synthesised noise, pop tunes, text
#4 Lecture Performance (2014) – laptops, p.a., microphone, pop tunes, books

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2014 100% Hits, digital, self-released via torrent
2013 Circuitous, 12” / digital, hellosQuare Recordings
2013 28072012, CD / digital, Self-released

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“As subsonic or otherwise inaudible frequency are pumped at high volume into the speakers, the LED lights within bounce around like corn kernels popping. Seeing this occurring across ten or so speakers in a dark warehouse is enjoyable enough, but the real thrill comes from the thoroughly musical execution: this is basically a light and percussion work, and as a multitude of tempos and rhythms are pumped into the various speakers, we experience a dense and dizzying array of rattles and pops. It’s like watching fireworks, if the fireworks were programmed by a free jazz ensemble” – Lyndon Blue, Cool Perth Nights