sculptures: 4

speaker cones, amplifiers, LED lights, sine tones, audio playback device

– First Draft Gallery, Sydney, May-June 2014

Sculptures: 4 continues a series of artistic explorations that are concerned with the vitality of sound, its physical presence, the power it has to affect other objects and our expectations surrounding of it. Sculptures: 4 re-purposes the speaker from a sonic transmission device to a sculptural, visual object by using sound waves to generate visual movement and simultaneously power LED lights. Sculptures: 4 seeks to re-examine our relationship to the audible and re-think sound as a physical and conceptual property as well as an audible one. The work subverts the materials in order to reveal and make sensory the transition of energy, capturing a moment of potentiality that shows an instantaneous conversion between media.




photo and video documentation by Uri Auerbach