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Sculptures is a series of synaesthetic works that explore the potential of sound as an energy source and movement generator. Using the speaker as a kinetic object, this series of works take a visual approach to sound, employing inaudible frequencies, drawn waveforms and various objects to create audio/visual installations.

2013 – #1
speaker cones, amplifiers, LED lights, microphones, p.a., computer
Sculpture #1 is a large scale performance-installation that employs LED lights and a grid of speakers to create a kinetic sound and light sculpture. LED lights are placed inside an array of speakers, which are fed inaudible frequencies, glitches and drawn waveforms in a work that is composed to highlight both the percussive sound of the lights moving inside the speakers and the multitude of visual patterns that those lights create.

2013 – #2
discman, speaker cone, amplifier, CD
Sculpture #2 is a take on Cascone’s concept of The Aesthetics of Failure. A kinetic sculpture is created by placing a disc man playing looped audio inside a speaker. The audio creates movement in the speaker which in turn causes the disc man to glitch and skip, creating a feedback loop in which the audio first generates movement and subsequently destroys itself.

2014 – #3
speaker cones, amplifiers, LED lights, sine tones, audio playback device
Sculpture #3 is a contemplation on the conversion of waves of energy into sound and light. Two audio tracks are each sent to a set of speaker and light, the speaker cone lit with the same signal that generates sonic movement. The result creates sensory distortions as the light both highlights and alters the visual appearance of the moving cone, and creates a juxtaposition of sound versus light in a deterministic yet obtuse relationship.

2014 – #4
speaker cones, amplifiers, LED lights, sine tones, audio playback device
Sculptures: 4 continues a series of artistic explorations that are concerned with the vitality of sound, its physical presence, the power it has to affect other objects and our expectations surrounding of it. Sculptures: 4 re-purposes the speaker from a sonic transmission device to a sculptural, visual object by using sound waves to generate visual movement and simultaneously power LED lights. Sculptures: 4 seeks to re-examine our relationship to the audible and re-think sound as a physical and conceptual property as well as an audible one. The work subverts the materials in order to reveal and make sensory the transition of energy, capturing a moment of potentiality that shows an instantaneous conversion between media.